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DHA Management Development

DHA Management Development Team

Dr. Doug Henderson, Director


Doug Henderson B.Sc, Ph.D

Doug Henderson is the Director of DHA Management Development, a management personnel development business he started in the spring of 1991.

Doug has been involved in facilitating development for over 20 years. He has a particular interest in the use of an outdoor environment and the ways in which it can be used to both enhance and embed developmental messages. He has found this to be of particular benefit for teamwork development programmes where the outdoor arena provides a uncluttered backdrop against which to observe the teams performance. Doug has also found outdoor tasks and activities relevant to programmes which have a more personal focus.

Over the years Doug has built up a breadth of experience in the world of personnel  development through his involvement with several different organisations. During the last 10 years he has been involved in the design and delivery of specific experiential learning packages aimed at improving a range of managerial competencies. This has lead him to work with all levels of management from managing director to 1st line supervisory.


    Doug has worked with a highly distinguished clientele including: the Ford Motor Co, Cranfield School of Management (Exec and Full-time MBA), Associated Newspapers, the Peugeot Motor Co , Blackpool NHS Trust ,  BNFL, Caterpillar Logistics,   CGNU Insurance, The Department for Education & Employment, HBoS, Heriot Watt University ,  Henley Management College, Hitachi Capital Finance, HSBC Bank ,   Johnson & Johnson, Parsons Brinkerhoff Project Management, M&G Invest. Management ,  Perkins Engines, Sophos , Vodafone, and a number of independent organisations specialising in Management Consultancy.

Graham Clark,  faculty member at Cranfield School of Management and previously a manufacturing manager, he delivers programmes focused on operations strategy, change leadership and personal development.

Trained as a psychotherapist he is qualified to administer a range of psychometric tests.

DHA Management Development Team

Over the last 15 years Edward Mitchell has built up a broad skills base, through supporting and developing individuals and teams in a vast range of environments: from 200ft rock faces, down rivers and deep down in limestone caves and even indoors!

Edward has served with the National Trust, Peak District National Park, BTCV, Sheffield Hallam University and The Outward Bound Trust.

 His ability to ask the right reflective and inquisitive question at the right time has meant that numerous companies and organisations have benefited from his coaching skills and professional approach.

DHA Management Development Team

Emma Linford is passionate about helping people to develop themselves and maximise business learning through experience-based activities that stretch individuals’ capabilities.

She continues to be motivated by the personal changes that she witnesses, whilst aiming to provide inspiration, empowerments and support to those she leads, mentors, coaches, collaborates with and work alongside.


Her wide range of experience delivering management development, personal and graduate development programmes and outdoor education extends worldwide and her solid organisational skills and attention to detail allow her to perform a variety of roles: programme planning and design, project management, facilitation and coaching, outdoor technical work, safety cover, support and logistical backup. She has worked with wide ranges of client, from MBA students to young offenders; apprentices to middle managers and thrives on the challenge each brings.


Wearing her other hats, multi-talented Emma is also a qualified senior creative, responsible for the design and execution of various branding campaigns, an outdoor specialist and a worldwide expedition leader; her ventures have included leading arctic expeditions and ranking in the top five adventure race teams in the UK.

DHA Management Development Team

At work Ben Ward’s main passion is personal growth, both his own and the clients’. Helping the clients develop action plans towards their personal goals enthuses him and fills him with enormous gratification.

Being a NLP Practitioner and Coach has given Ben techniques which enable the client to gain real value and work towards a manageable approach to their desired outcomes.


DHA Management Development Team

Diane McWade has worked with DHA for over ten years and facilitated lasting change in many organisations including Aviva, M&G Investments, HBOS International, Hitachi and at Heriot Watt University amongst others.

Diane believes that harnessing and integrating the collective imagination at all levels in business is crucial to success in the new management era and has delivered with great success over 20 off site “Energise” events with DHA and her clients as part of her business improvement programmes.

This has helped to deliver cohesive strategic planning, innovation, enhanced confidence and tangible results for many individuals and teams facing change and all the challenges it brings.

Diane is a Non- Executive Director and adviser at DHA Management Development Limited.

DHA Management Development Team

Graham Clark is a faculty member at Cranfield School of Management.  Previously a manufacturing manager, he delivers programmes focused on operations strategy, change leadership and personal development.  Whilst at Cranfield, he has held appointments as MBA Director, Director Quality and Deputy Director of Graduate Programmes.

During his time at Cranfield, Graham has worked with a wide range of organisations.  Some recent assignments include:

• Team Leader development for financial service organisation in Australia and India

• Culture change for telecoms company developing a solutions approach

• Operations strategy development for a pharmaceutical company

Graham has delivered programmes across Europe, in North America, Asia, and Australia.  He is a Non Executive Director of the Institute of Customer Service and a couple of small businesses.  He has trained as a psychotherapist and is qualified to administer a range of psychometric tests.

He is passionate about working with individuals and teams to help people fulfil their potential.

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