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DHA Management Development

A University

Focused improvement programme to address governance, communications, people, structure and culture, strategy and IT architecture.

Worked with this international enterprise to be named as Scottish University of year 2011 – 12 by The Sunday Times.

Delivered vastly improved National Student Survey results for their systems access, reliability and accessibility.

An International bank

International expansion programme across Europe and N America. Delivered a shared service and collaboration across multiple cultures and geographies.

Achieved significant cost synergies and improved service levels.

UK Finance House

Delivered a shared service model across 4 regional UK locations.

Reduced IT spend by 33% over 10 months.

Turnaround change programme delivery.

Global Insurance Company

Established an incubator business on behalf of a large insurer. Harnessed the innovation, creativity and ideas of the enterprise and enabled the launch of several new e-commerce businesses and market leading initiatives within 9 months.

Investment Management Company

Large scale post acquisition integration delivering GB £6m saving on IT costs, improved risk management and launch of new business in Germany, Austria, Italy.

Successful delivery of 16 strategic imperative initiatives.


Associated Newspapers, Hitachi Capital, CAT Logistics, Ford, Heriot Watt University, Blackpool Fylde & Wyre NHS Hospital Trust, CGNU, M&G Investments, Vodafone, Perkins Engines, Cranfield University School of Management, HSBC The World’s Bank, Hasbro , HBOS, BNFL, PB , The Department of  Education and Employment, SOPHOS , Henley Management College, Johnson & Johnson.

DHA Management is proud to have instructed staff from the companies and organisations named below and wish to thank them again.

“It is easy for some to be cynical about team building events, it is much harder to go along and fully participate. Thankfully all those involved in the recent XXXX energise event managed to break out of their comfort zones and throw themselves fully into all of the activities.  Doug and his team managed to stay away from the buzzwords and clichés often associated with these events and pushed us to examine what makes us tick as individuals and as a team.  Hopefully we all came away knowing a little bit more about ourselves, our colleagues and how we can successfully change for the better.

Looking at the teamwork displayed on the day it is clear that there is no problem with the people in XXXX we have all the skills and desire required to work as an effective team.  This showed through as everyone got stuck in to the problems presented, and despite tight deadlines and almost impossible tasks everyone worked together with a common purpose and healthy dose of humour.

I came away feeling totally knackered from the physical and mental exertions, but glowing with a feeling of purpose and team spirit.”


“This is by far the best thing that I've ever been on, it was insightful on so many levels, invoking a time to reflect on my own personal working beliefs, the part I play within our organisation and the contribution that I must make as part of the organisation to achieve our common goals.

I felt: "enlightened, revitalised and empowered".

I have learnt to be an enabler of change, to be open to everyone's ideas and points of view and to encourage and channel the energy and enthusiasm for change that is within our department for the good of the department..."  


Recent course participant

“I really enjoyed the event.  I thought we got some really honest and positive results which were subtly achieved.  Doug and his team were excellent and encouraged openness.  

Good choice of venue, good layout of meeting rooms, suitable hotel grounds for outside activities and plenty of food!  With the weather being so good it would have been nice to have spent a little bit more time outside.  I think it will really help to change some negative feelings towards the change program into a more positive atmosphere.

I learnt not to undervalue my skills.”


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