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New Resilience for Rookies Course 2018 from DHA Management Development.

Strengthening resilience is important in teamwork development  and this is a programme developed jointly by DHA Management Development and Graham Clark, former Director of the Cranfield Exec MBA programme to meet the real needs of businesses today.


Our approach is to combine some underlying background theory with practical experiential projects, running  over 2 days and 1 night of the programme. The programme would be residential,  allowing the participants to be involved in a task series that will test  and develop their personal resilience.


Developing resilience is important for people of all ages but increased resilience in young people is especially  important.  DHA properly fosters experiential learning for the younger participants as well.

Do it properly with DHA Management Development .

Resilience  For Rookies


The programme can be run as a dedicated module for 1 particular client or it can run as a module for a limited number of clients. Minimum number of participants is 6. The programme is mainly aimed at younger staff members but can work equally well for individuals who wish to test out their own personal resilience.

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The remainder of Day 1 would be a stimulating mixture of theory input, discussion groups, planning processes and practical tasks. We would use these tasks to look at individuals’ resilience and also help individuals to improve their personal resilience through discussion following the tasks. Moving from Unconscious Incompetence through Conscious Competence to, hopefully, Unconscious  Competence – rather like the stages of learning to drive a car.

Having evolved a personal strategy for each individual that strategy will be tested by exposure to a larger, more complex, task on Day 2. At the conclusion of that task there will be opportunity to revisit and refine, in conversation, their personal resilience strategy. Participants will be able to discuss what worked for them and why. They will also be able to look at things that did not work, and why. Through this process they will gain clarity over what they will be doing as they move forwards.


The programme would typically commence on the late morning of Day 1. Participants would arrive at the venue hotel, be welcomed with tea, coffee and biscuits and be able to check into their rooms. Following some words of welcome the programme would start by asking the participants to sketch out, and share, on flip charts what they wish to get from the programme.

As facilitators we would then marry those individual aims with the aims that we envisaged for the programme and get participants to ‘buy in’.

Resilience for Rookies experiential learning residential course from DHA Management Development. New for 2018 resilience experiential development programme for teamwork development, proprietary methodology addresses need for increased resilience and well being. Especially ideal for young people this programme is developed jointly by DHA Management Development and Graham Clark, former Director of the Cranfield Exec MBA programme.

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