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For effective student leadership development. At the end of the programme participants will be able to:

• recognise and understand effective and non-effective teamwork

• identify factors which are limiting the teams’ performance

• prepare and implement strategies which will lead to greater team effectiveness

• understand the benefits of more effective communication.

It is our belief that individuals will put behaviours into practice when engaged in a task that happens ‘outdoors’ in exactly the same way as they will if asked to do something which is new and therefore unfamiliar in their more normal ‘day to day’ work. This practical programme will be supported by a small amount of background theory.

The programme is based over a 2 night and 2 full day period. Arriving in the late afternoon or early evening of day 1 the participants will have an opportunity to settle in before doing some introductions and brief series of inputs around background theory.

The programme will follow a ‘building blocks’ approach to the work. Day 2 will be a series of smaller scale tasks which the participants will be able to manage. From reviewing each task they will gain insights into their personal behaviour and begin to understand the consequences both for themselves and others of that particular style. At the end of the day tutors will still be around and available to engage with the participants over a quiet drink. This may well be helpful to some who have begun to identify particular aspects of their behaviour which they wish to develop.

The 3rd day will be a larger, multi stage task, where the participants will have to stand or fall by the decisions which they take. The task will be handed over to the participants and it will be up to them to define and allocate roles and responsibilities. They will be expected to manage the entire task from beginning to end, and they will suffer the consequences of poor quality decisions.

The programme will finish at 5 p.m. on Day 3.

Contact us via the information below if you would like further information about this programme or you would like us to arrange to visit you.

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DHA Management Development

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